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Please support Classic Tileworks by following us on social media. You can click on the images to the right and to the left (or above and below if you’re on a mobile phone) to find our Facebook and Instagram pages. There are also logos at the very top and very bottom of our site here.

Getting followers on social media is very helpful to small businesses. Those pages are easier to maintain as well, since they can managed directly from an app on our smartphones. As a result, content is usually updated there faster than it is here on our website. 

Classic Tileworks is on Instagram

What kind of content do we share over there that we don’t share here? We share works-in-progress pics on our social media pages, where here we normally feature work that is finished, or at least finished up to the point of having the tile set. Also, scheduling information and other news will be posted over there, as well as special offers for those who follow us on those platforms. We don’t spam or chronically share content, so you don’t have to worry about your newsfeeds being flooded.

We also support other tile and stone tradesman from around the world by following them on our social media accounts. If you are a fellow tile and stone craftsman with your own Facebook and Instagram page, we will gladly follow you back if you follow us. Just drop us a private message as sometimes we are unaware when we get new followers.

Thank you in advance for supporting Classic Tileworks, northeast Ohio’s tile experts, on social media today.